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The Podcast

On Sunday, i mentioned adding my very fist podcast here. Although i managed to record it, there is still some editing to be done. So i guess i’ll put it here tomorrow.
The podcast itself is like 20 minutes long, but it took me like two hours to record it. Why? At first, i was for some reason really nervous, so i recorded the very fist line like 40 times… *double facepalm* and then, when i finally somehow got into it and made myself to talk, I started pointlessly ranting on some complete offtopic. Yes, with me, it’s pretty easy to get from “WoW” to some completely random stuff like”Iraq Policy of George Bush” in two minutes, or less. But yes, i must admit, it was kinda fun recording it. Still, it’s for now essentially in form of monologue, so not that interesting, as other podcasts.
So, if you are a person, who likes WoW and would like to check this podcast recording thing out, give me a shout and next podcast could be done in co-operation. I’d really enjoy that much more, than talking to my computer screen.


The Podcasts

I must admit, i have never been a big fan of this type of internet media. Podcasts and mainly vlogs (video blogs, you can find millions of them on YouTube) always seemed to me as a way of expression of narcissistic people who copycat opinions of others only to be seen (or heard). Well.. let’s admit it, many of them are like that. Because almost everyone has internet connection now, webcam and/or microphone, it’s pretty easy to crate video/podcast of your own. And altough lots and lots of them are in “I like cats” or “I’m biggest fan of Barca” style, you can actually find some talented people out there, who release, to actually do something creative or simply to make others happy.
As i mentioned in my previous post, i’m quite a big WoW fan and fans always enjoy additional information on things they like. So once upon a time, one of my ingame friends mentioned some apparently good WoW podcasts. I must honestly admit, that utill now, i only listened to one podcast. And that’s mainly ’cause it’s so good, i hardly think i’d find better one. It’s packed with information and generally a good fun. It’s Girls Gone WoW. I really think this show is worth checking out. The lovely girlies provide good combo of semi hardcore game info and bits of the game lore.
After some thinking and consideration, I decided to try it aswell. Yes, i will be doing my own podcast. It seems like a good fun and I feel my head is so crammed with WoW stuff, so this is probably a good way, how to ventilate it a bit. Plus auditory experience seems like a much more interesting one, than going through pages of text. I will try to keep my distance though… It should be about WoW and some of my personal insights. Not about me, my personal insights and WoW. If you catch my drift.
The very first, introductional podcast is coming out later today.

Peace out


Welcome to my blog.
The original intention behind starting this web, was to help with documentation of evergrowing internet culture, memes etc. and from time to time, posting some of my personal opinions and findings on movies, books, music and generally the world around us. To some degree, I will still try to follow the original intention.
But now, the driving force, that motivates me to work on this site is World of Warcraft. This fine MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) is one of the most popular games today and if you like it or not, you must respect it’s massive cultural impact. People of various age, genders, races and cultural backgrounds visit Azeroth to have fun and to find enjoyment.
There are many reasons, why to spend your time on this game. And there are loads of websites, which concentrate on this MMO from different angles. My view is from eyes of relatively new player, writer, fantasy lover and generally from a person, that gets pretty easily excited.
I hope you’ll enjoy your stay on this blog and that you will find here, what you are looking for.

With love and peace from Emes

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